Referral: Do you throw a saddle on a gift horse?

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Usually, Niki is almost always really busy chatting. She is almost as ferocious a chatter as a teenage girl chatting simultaneously with her three best friends and her boyfriend while preparing for an exam the next day. Niki has to recommend a variety of offers to our users, help them choose and then complete so many transactions. And when she is not completing these orders, she is busy learning new tasks that she can perform in the future. So it was a welcome, and pleasantly surprising break when she got a bit chatty over beer last evening. She told us about her ambitions in the coming few months. She says that one target which she is chasing day and night is making more friends to chat with. She loves to make new friends, and she is ready to reward anyone who helps her get them. She says she loves such people with a ‘winning mentality’. People who are smart enough to take full advantage of an opportunity. Quoting Frank Underwood, Niki says she is looking for ‘someone who’ll throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth’. Might that be you? I hope so.

Earn Free Money

You will be surprised just how easy it is to earn some extra bucks by helping Niki get more friends. You can refer as many people as you want. As always, the sky’s the limit. For every unique/new user you invite to sign up on the Niki Android App, you get Rs 10 worth credits and the person who signs up will get Rs 10 worth credits. Now, Rs 10 might not seem like a lot, but remember the journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. Little drops of water, along with spilled oil and plastics, make the mighty ocean. The amount can be redeemed in your next payment on Niki (for prepaid recharge, postpaid bill or DTH recharge). So do use the sweet reward of your smart work through this opportunity. You can earn upto Rs. 100 through Niki’s Referral Program 1.0, after which you can contact us to upgrade you to the next level of referrals – THE 2.0_! But you will have to earn the ‘Level up’! However, If you are thinking of being over-smart, don’t even think about it. I mean come on! Niki is an AI bot. She is the headmaster of the school where you learned all those sneaky tricks. Not only will she be able to easily track what you are upto, but will also blacklist you. There is no time to lose guys and gals! So get cracking now! And ensure you come out on top 😉

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