Niki is down with fever!

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Niki is down with fever! Which one? The fever that comes with the season of hard-hitting shots, long sky-kissing sixes, exquisite boundaries, diving catches, flying stumps, nail-biting thrillers, ear deafening stadiums, diehard fandom and sweet taste of victory.

The fever that unites the undying passion of this country for its favourite religion – cricket. The fever that grips a billion people every year, and leaves them like zombies staring at their TV sets every evening. You guessed it right, it is the Indian Premier League!

This is the 9th Edition. Yes, 9th! I know we all feel a little bit older now. If you plan to support the CSK again, then I have bad news. In July 2015, the owners of the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals franchises were suspended for a period of two years on charges of corruption during the 2013 IPL season.

However, we have two new teams this time.The two new franchises are the Gujarat Lions and the Rising Pune Supergiants based in the cities of Rajkot and Pune respectively.


Thanks to the T20 world cup, Niki has got some hang of this ‘madness where people keep throwing and hitting the ball around’.

Before that, she knew as little about cricket as the amount of fat in Katrina’s Abs in the opening ceremony. However, as she started watching more of Virat Kohli’s sixes and Yuvraj Singh’s effortless flicks, we realised that she was enjoying them.

Till the India vs Australia match, she was an unofficial secret fan. After that match, she had turned into a diehard vocal fan! And so Niki is really looking forward to this IPL. This is her first one too!

She has brushed up her facts and have gone full IPL crazy. From the messages you will receive from her on the App to the posts you will see on Facebook, everything will revolve around cricket.

And guess what! This IPL, the teams won’t be the only champions. No, I am not hinting towards DJ Bravo’s ‘champions’ – The dance that involves trying to pull open a push door at 10x speed. I am talking about you guys! Niki will run loads of contests and quizzes where you can win prizes, cash back, credits and what not.

DJ-Bravo champions
DJ Bravo Champions

So buckle up your pads, put on your helmets, keenly follow our Facebook page and get ready for this ride!

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