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The Indian Premier League. Just like that delicious chocolate cake kept in the fridge, you think about IPL most of the time and yet you pretend that you don’t. You have become so good at pretending that you have learnt to lie to yourself that you don’t care. But deep down you do care.  We all do. It is in our blood. The love for cricket is genetic for us Indians. There are times when we get nostalgic about the days when we used to get absorbed in the matches without a single worry in the world. Follow it ball by ball. The world seemed to stop when cricket was on. The roads were empty and the TV rooms were full. And then life happened and we all got too busy 🙁

Live IPL update on Niki
Live IPL update on Niki

What if there could be a way to follow the matches live, and yet not compromise on your work? What if you could be busy and yet be updated with every ball?! Well guess what, now you can carry on with your busy schedule and still follow the IPL ball by ball! How? Niki to your rescue, once again! We have developed the world’s first cricket chatbot! Now click on the cricket icon on top of the text input bar on the Niki App and get ball by ball live updates on chat. The scores are updated just as soon as they happen in the stadium. Any faster and people will start calling Niki as someone who can see the future!

Niki - world's first cricket chatbot
Niki – world’s first cricket chatbot

Just push the button anytime, anywhere and you shall be teleported to the stadium. Just the score and only the score. No spams. No Ads. Ball by Ball update delivered to you by Niki on chat. Life is good again 🙂