The first step of a momentous journey – Niki’s life story

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Right from the birth of an Idea to its first line of code to hiring the perfect talent, we believe that there is a story for each startup. A story with the essence of hard work and spirit of struggle. A story with the emotions of pride and satisfaction. Here is our story in brief. Hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

The Inception – One ‘pretty ordinary’ night at Udaipur, 4 friends gathered for their seemingly casual meetup. But, who knew this moment could change their lives forever. This was the night the idea of a Digital Chat-based AI powered shopping assistant, Niki  was born. They recruited a team and got down to work. Filled with nervousness and excitement, fear and expectation, they introduced their creation to people around. The bad reviews taught them. The good reviews spurred them on.

The Spark to start a fire – Even the best weapons need ammunition. And for Niki that ammunition came in the form of funding by Mr. Ronnie Screwvala! Niki had made it to the Tech30 list and was being covered by many reputed networks.The active users counter kept ticking upwards. But the floodgates were opened by the front page coverage of Niki on Economic Times!

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Reaching new heights – Be it Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter or even Star Wars, every epic journey with a larger-than-life goal has a wise man who shows the correct way. For Niki, that wise man with innumerable tricks up his sleeves is Mr. Ratan Tata. He is excited about the idea, and has backed Niki to be an ‘Anmol Ratan’ of the startup world!

Unfogging the future – When the victorious past is your companion, you don’t need a crystal ball to know your fortune. Currently Niki resides on Android as an app. But going forward, Niki is going to be platform independent, plugged and used on any interface. And remember, the future is closer than it seems.

Thanks to our Users, Partners, Colleagues, Family and Friends, we’ve built a lot of great relationships already, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further.

We strongly believe that the only time one should look back is to see how far they’ve come! And as we turn ONE, we take a moment to reminisce about our glorious journey so far 🙂 ‪