Sneak-peek into Niki’s world

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Our lot of users are curious about the technology behind Niki, the AI-Fueled digital shopping assistant. So we thought, why don’t you take a ride inside Niki’s smart world ?

The introduction of AI technology holds the power to change the world’s E-commerce landscape. Conversational commerce is already being considered as the next big thing. It offers you to carry a digital personal assistant – Niki, wherever you go.

Human with Bot

If you want to order a burger, you ping her saying, “Niki, Get me a burger” and Voila! You are just one step away from the treat. But If you shoot the same sentence to a computer, probably it will never understand its meaning. Then how is Niki able to accurately perceive the significance of customers’ needs instantly? The answer is – “Natural Language Processing (NLP).”

The development of NLP applications is challenging because computers traditionally would require humans to speak in a highly structured manner which basically would mean that every human should speak in the exact same way about the same thing. However, that is not the case due to social context and regional disparity. So, to deal with this, a programmer does the coolest thing – Giving machine its own understanding, also known as “Machine Learning”.

Machine learning is the ability of computers to analyze the data itself and identify the trend and pattern. In simple terms, this is just like you mastering the game of chess, playing every possible move from every possible position and noting down its effects.

Once the machine has enough data, it will form patterns and match words and phrases to their meanings. This will enable the machine to understand the human speech or text.

Human brain has always been amazed by the amazing prowess of computers. When Steve Jobs started working with computers, he acknowledged the fact “Computers are like a bicycle for the mind”, they are dramatically extending the capacity of our brains. Now computers can talk (siri/cortana), they can drive (self-driving cars), they can even shop on your behalf (Niki). So, there is nothing to be worried about, as long as they don’t start lying about how many burgers were actually delivered by Niki 😉

But, Undoubtedly the time has come to Hold hands with Niki and experience the future.