Forget long queues, Niki pays your electricity bills hassle-free

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It’s that Monday morning of the month when the scorching heat rises the temperature of your mood. You’re getting irritated with every little thing especially the innocent green shirt a man is wearing. The queue adjacent to yours seems to move faster than yours. But as soon as you shift from your queue to another the pace reduces drastically. You start believing the person who says “the queue moves faster on the other side.”

Yes, you’re standing in a queue to pay the most important of all, “Electricity Bill”. You remember that one time when you forgot about the due date and they cut the electricity at home. Your wife complained about the summer, your kids couldn’t study in the dark and you could not watch the football match. This flashback motivates to you to never repeat such a mistake again. You continue to wait in the queue and think about all the less important things.

Before Niki (2)

You think about the colour of the woman’s hair standing behind you. You count the number of shades she’s got and then an awful smell distracts you. You look around to find a man scratching his armpit that create awareness about his negligence through the smell. While you’re doing nothing to pass the time a woman tries to break the queue and stands in front of you. You politely ask her to go back but she begins an argument. You’re already irritated because of the summer yet, you try to reason with her. When she doesn’t understand you shout at her and she goes back throwing curses at you.

Half your day has been wasted standing in the queue accompanied with a lot of stress. After 3 long hours of restless waiting finally, your turn to pay the bill has arrived. You silently rejoice but not for long as the person at the cash counter shows you a board reading “Lunchtime.” You try to protest but your efforts go wasted to his deaf ears. You give up and consider taking a break yourself but then the trauma of again standing in a queue stops you. You just want to get done with the payment and go back to living a peaceful life.

Your plight has been prolonged as the lunch break has been extended by another hour. You are not just irritated now, you’re hungry too. The person arrives at the cash counter and you successfully pay your bill. But, ( yes there’s another one) there is a power cut and you have to wait again to get the receipt of your payment.

We will all have such stories to narrate to the coming generation of kids. This could be your story to narrate about your plight, patience, and responsibility. But then you don’t have to if you don’t want to, you can change the plot of the story altogether.


Yes, now you no more have to stand in any queue neither worry about any proverb related to queues. Now you can have hassle-free electricity bill payment by chatting to the bot, Niki. You no more have to spend hours waiting for your turn of payment rather pay your bills while responding to nature’s call in the washroom.

At Niki App, you can quickly pay your electricity bills choosing from various payment options as per your convenience. You will also be reminded about the due date so that you don’t have to take the blame for power cuts due to late payments. Your life will be simplified as you pay your utility bills through Niki. You no more have to take the baggage of the stressful electricity bill payment at the counter.

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