Caught the Pokemon Go fever? Let Niki take care of everything else

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Niki is having a bright day when everybody else in the world has been going crazy over finding Pokemon. Our media channels have taken up the task to update us about the power and impact of finding Pokemon.

Dil toh baccha hai ji and we all love our childhood. Pokemon GO has brought back the 90’s era in a different and better way. It has taught us several things and there are several unheard rumours about it. People have begun to claim that Gandhiji went for Dandi march because even he was playing Pokemon GO.

Meanwhile, a man has been reported to have quit his job because he needed more time to find all his favourite pokemons. Niki understands that we all want to focus more on the game than other things. You can spend more time playing while you ask Niki to help you with your daily needs.

The other things Niki observed that Pokemon GO has been teaching us things we would have been ignorant about otherwise.

Every doctor, relative or just anybody must have told us that walking is healthy but did we listen? Our mothers have been trying everything possible to make us go to temples, but did we go? Thanks to Pokemon GO we do both now.

When there are rumours all around the world we heard another amusing one about Mr India. Can it be true that Mr India and the Pokemons are someway related?

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