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Jay, a solo traveler from Chennai, on a visit to Incredible India, was already taken aback when he reached the capital New Delhi, the goldmine of ancient monuments and heritage sites. People all around, in all shapes and sizes, gave him mixed feelings about the city as he walked out of the airport. He felt amazed as well as nervous and by the time he could react to all that was happening around, he felt a push on his leg, as if someone was wrenching his T-shirt from back, he turned around and found a man in his 30’s, asking him for an auto, to whom he just replied with a nod.

Opening his map, he checked the point closest to most of the tourist attractions and decided to book a hotel near Connaught Place. He took a while and started looking out for hotels on the Internet, picked a few to contact but that didn’t serve his purpose. He then stopped someone, who happened to be Aman, from Hyderabad on his solo trip across the country,

“Hey, Man! Can you help me out in looking for a hotel, near Connaught Place?

Aman, a tech-savvy traveler in the age of apps, took a second, and said, ‘Sure! Why don’t you ask Niki, she will help you out in everything right from booking a hotel to a cab”.

Amazed by his words, Jay instantly began chatting with Niki. She was so natural and easy to use that he could talk to Aman too at the same time, tell him about his passion for travel – post which they decided to become companions in their travels. Jay got the hang of Niki in a flash, while taking a look at the options available, he searched for a ‘Hotel with a Swimming Pool’ to get some relief from the scorching heat of Delhi. He then booked an OYO for both of them and a cab heading to it via Niki, within seconds.

A comfortable stay, a Guide and Niki to help, made Jay feel more excited about his journey ahead and in return, he kept on amazing Aman by his story treasures. They moved from vast deserts, beautiful havelis of Rajasthan to snow covered mountains of Kashmir, yellow taxis of Kolkata to backwaters of Kerala and to their amazement, Niki was present throughout the country. She booked them rooms in OYO’s to stay, cabs and buses to commute all the way round, delighting them with food and laundry services as well.

Jay felt ecstatic after witnessing the diversity of India with an amazing companion, Aman, and Niki to guide them both throughout.

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