Epic 24 hour adventure in Bangalore I

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An hour by hour narration of the most epic way to spend 24 hours in Bangalore.

Sunday 7 A.M : As the cold fresh morning breeze blew across our faces, we sat down to enjoy a jaw dropping view of mist artistically spread over the farmlands and small rocky hills. The symphony of clouds, mist, plains and hills with a special appearance by the sun was staggeringly pretty. And thankfully we had lost the ‘loud music playing’ crowd behind, so we could all sit in peace reflecting on how epic, & fun packed our last 24 hours had been. Right from a heavy authentic breakfast & a Pub crawl to Interesting Events, A Shopping expedition and a stroll in a flower garden, capped by the beautiful views at Nandi Hills. I sincerely think you should take this #24HoursInBangalore Challenge.

So let’s rewind and go hour by hour on this journey.


Saturday 7 A.M. :  Have you ever had the feeling when you wake up as if you had just closed your eyes for 2-3 minutes, but infact you had been sleeping for 4 hours? As I came back to my senses in my comfortable OYO room bed, I remembered what a great evening it had been. After a fancy evening at Church Street Social (Special shoutout to Keema Pav \m/), we went to Rasta cafe. While coming back, it was late and we were really tired. If you are tired, it is late at night and you want to crash at the nearest bed, OYO room is the best solution any day! We quickly asked Niki for OYO Rooms hotel near Rasta cafe, and booked it within minutes all on chat! We got out of bed quicker than ever before, and got ready. Today was going to be a long day!  


Saturday 8 A.M. :  We all went to the legendary MTR (or Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) on Lalbagh Road. It has been killing the overnight hunger of people since 1924! So you can imagine how absolutely sublime the food is going to be after decades of tinkering and perfecting. The Idlies are so soft it feels you are eating a bite out of a fresh white cloud. The Vadas are just so perfectly crisp that scientists are thinking of keeping ‘1 MTR vada’ as the benchmark crispness index for all elements on earth.  We were so immersed in savouring our food, just like the vada was immersed in the Sambar, that we didn’t have much time to have any conversation.


Saturday 9 A.M. : Our stomach was full to the brim. But pleasantly full. Next stop in our epic route was, no prizes for guessing, Lal Bagh. Getting to Lalbagh isn’t tough, but in Bangalore, any journey can turn out to be a challenge. Thankfully, we could easily book an Uber on the Niki app with 2-3 text messages and were on our way.  Uber/Ola are (still) an under-appreciated boon to our generation.

Flowers at Lalbagh
Flowers at Lalbagh

Saturday 10 A.M. : Lalbagh is a deceptively pretty place in the middle of a bustling city.  It is like a National Geographic Episode set, with all the actors like Mynas, Egrets & Parakeets in their character along with hundreds of guest appearances by the flora. A great hour walk amidst all this nature after a tasty heavy breakfast on a sunny winter morning – In theory life doesn’t get much better than this.

Saturday 11 A.M. : We sat for half an hour under a tree, eating fresh fruits from the stall. There was a lot of random gossip, the highlight of which was that Ali says he would love wearing pink shoes. He may not have said ‘love’, and the story might be a bit exaggerated but heck who cares?! It was fun pulling his legs adorned in pink shoes and maroon /ghungroo/.

This is part I of a 4 part series on epic 24 hours in Bangalore. The next post in this series will be posted soon. It covers a 4 course meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant and a shopping expedition! So follow the blog to not miss any of the posts.