Epic 24 Hours Adventure in Bangalore – II

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This is part 2 of a 4 part series on epic 24 hours in Bangalore. The part 1 can be read here.

Saturday 12 Noon : Now that we were full of (slightly) fresh air and Vitamin D, it was time to get indoors. So what can we do? Instead of having a useless tussle for an hour filled with overambitious plans and lethargic implementation, we decided to ask Niki! Just text her what are some events happening near you, and bingo! Niki will tell you what’s happening around you. Rumour has it that even if 3 rats meet to feast over a silly cockroach in the hidden dark dungeons of Bangalore’s sewer lines, Niki will know about it. Niki did tell us about a feast, but thankfully it wasn’t at the lakeside restaurant in the Sewer dungeons but at Yauatcha in MG Road. Within minutes we booked 5 slots in the event on the Niki app. And then she booked us a cab as well real quick. Smoooooth!


Saturday 1 P.M. : As the ‘Taste of Yauatcha’ Event we booked was at 3 P.M. we had a couple of hours to have fun. Priya said we go bowling, and we all said no. I mean who does bowling on a Saturday lazy afternoon? Priya then challenged us all, and proclaimed that she will win with ease against all of us. Which meant we went bowling, of course. Competitiveness is addictive. We went to Amoeba at MG Road.  


Saturday 3 P.M. : Guess what, I won 2 matches out the 3 we played! I tried really hard not to do the smug face but couldn’t help it. Even though my points were half of what the guys at the next lane had accumulated, I did my victory dance and proceeded to mock the rest of the pack all the while we walked to Yauatcha. Victory is sweet, no matter how small and insignificant.

Bowling Alley

Saturday 5 P.M. I wish I could tell you more about what happened in the last 2 hours, but I can’t remember a thing. That is because the 4 course meal was soo out-of-this-world delicious that it drained out my ability to focus on anything which is not edible. I cannot do any justice to the food with anything I can say, except that it is a ‘Michelin-starred restaurant’.  Later, I realized that I just enjoyed savouring delicacies at a restaurant recommended by a bot, Niki! The future really is here.


Saturday 6 P.M. : We were completely full for the second time today. So full that our body moment was being hindered. We were walking, well not walking. hopping, like astronauts on the moon.  We decided to wander and shop for some tidbits at the commercial street. But we will need some cash for that, so we asked Niki for the nearby ATM. Thanks to AskLaila, with whom you can now chat on the Niki app, we found the ATM in a jiffy, loaded some cash and hopped towards Commercial Street – The Mecca for shopaholics.


Saturday 7 P.M. : I will admit that I enjoy shopping from time to time, but Commercial Street can be an addictive drug for anyone. It is a mad treasure hunt, where you have to search, discover and bargain like crazy to unearth priceless items at ‘less-price’ tags. After an hour of James bond-ish chase through crowded streets and crammed shops, we had bought silver jewellery, Jootis, an antique pen holder and what not. Such a zig zag-avoid the crowd-hen run brought us memories of Chandni Chowk. Which meant there was a craving for Gol Gappas. And everyone knows that nothing is stronger than the craving for Golgappas. Except an Apache AH-64 Helicopter of course. An Apache AH-64 Helicopter has machine guns and missiles. So we pinged AskLaila on Niki to search for the nearest chat bhander, and dribbles our way to the place for an eye watering Golgappa eating session.


This is part I of a 4 part series on epic 24 hours in Bangalore. The next post in this series will be posted soon.