Why it’s high time businesses start adopting chatbots

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We have been lucky to have witnessed the time when the world moved to a virtual place, the time when everything went ‘Online’. From buying a new pair of shoes, clothes and home appliances, to ordering food, booking buses and hotels, to receiving and making payments, we have been introduced to software applications as the new shops, and the buttons and fields as the new shopkeepers — you interact with them to buy what you want.

The whole offline experience could be replicated apart from the part where ‘interaction’ happens. Tapping on multiple buttons and fields continued to feel virtual, but we became so habitual to it that the need of thinking beyond tap interfaces couldn’t strike.

On the other hand, can you imagine explaining everything by pointing and tapping on the shoulder of a shopkeeper every time you shop?

“The top four messaging apps have a combined user base of upwards of 3 billion and they recently surpassed the combined active user base of the top four social media platforms.” — Business Insider

The most natural way to buy products and services remains through conversations — the void which chatbots are made to fill. Chatbots enable humans to interact with software programs in the same way a human interacts with another via messaging.

Here are the reasons why every brand should get a chatbot ASAP!

1. Engaging customers

Time and again, multiple case studies have proven that efficient customer engagement is directly proportional to a customer’s time with an organisation, and hence, to increase in sales. Chatbots have proven to be a powerful way to not only engage customers, but do it in a manner that the overall experience is very personal and hassle-free.

To promote the launch of Zootopia movie, disney created a Facebook Messenger chatbot called Officer Judy Hopps, whom users helped to solve cases. Time spent with Officer Judy Hopps by users was more than 10 minutes, and a lot of repeat conversations were observed. This is clearly a win!

2. Consistent service

A human can be tired, or not available 24 x 7 a day. In case of customer service executives, you mostly end up speaking to a different one every time you call, experiencing the lack of personal touch, and hence, trust. A chatbot, however, remains there undeterred, providing a consistent service to the customers.

When the experience involved is great, it definitely paves the way for an increased customer satisfaction.

67% of the participants in a survey said they expect to message more with businesses in the next two years.

Therefore, operations involving customer interaction with the help of sales reps, insurance agents etc. can definitely be made better with the help of a chatbot.

3. Yet another platform — personal touch

Chat apps are personal. Messaging remains the most convenient way of communicating frequently with acquaintances, friends and family. Enabling a bot to talk to customers right where they already spend the most time (messaging apps), and are most comfortable with, eradicates the friction of reaching out, connecting, having a conversation and aiming for resolution of issues or queries.

One success story which proves the positive impact of talking to a bot over a messaging app is that of UNICEF’s U-Report bot on Facebook Messenger. Users globally can simply chat with the bot and report issues related to women and child development, education, sexual and reproductive health, legal rights, and more.

More than 2.5 million people have talked to the bot and became U-reporters.

4. Monetising customer base

Bots also give businesses the capability to directly or indirectly monetise their customer base.


Integrating with Niki’s SDK on Android, Messenger, web or iOS, businesses can directly monetise their customer base by offering 20+ services like bill payments, hotels, movie and bus ticket booking, mobile recharges and a lot more. Thus, providing a value-add to the customers, while monetising through the transactions.

The likes of HDFC bank, Oxigen Wallet, Smartphone manufacturers — Zen and ZOPO, are already leveraging Niki’s SDK to acquire as well as engage their customers.


With the help of a chatbot, the cost of user acquisition, retention and engagement — all go down.

Hiring and training sales reps, insurance agents and support executives involves huge costs for organisations while scaling up. Attrition rate, again, is another factor that disturbs the operations as well as finances. Chatbots help mitigate all the above issues.

Whatever be the use case depending on business requirements, a chatbot definitely can be looked at as the solution. That too, an intelligent one!

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