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As Niki is growing up, she’s being increasingly aware of what and how her users prefer. As a result, we put in all the calculated efforts to achieve truly unbeatable customer experience by continuously working to enhance the power and convenience of making Digital Transactions on chat.

After becoming the app with the largest bus inventory (thanks to our partners Redbus and Ticketgoose), we have now onboarded Cleartrip as our Hotel Booking fulfilment partner. With holiday season around the corner, we’re sure some of you will be travelling. Niki is now more prepared than ever to handle all your travel needs on chat. Here’s why you should experience hotel booking on Niki.

As easy as talking to a friend — Apply multiple filters


Tired of hopping to multiple websites and applying N filters to find the desired hotels? Niki is the solution. Just text Niki with your preferences like the place where you wish to get a hotel, number of guests and time duration, in chat messages. Niki won’t take a while to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Numerous options to choose from — Fulfilled by Cleartrip

Now with Cleartrip and OYO as partners, you can find number of hotels to choose from depending on your budget, area and the type of hotel you want. Scroll through the recommendations by Niki and select the room you’ll feel the most comfortable in.

Experience the speed — Personalised Recommendations within seconds


Unlike most other websites and apps, there are no million taps that you’ll have to make while using Niki. Niki’s system starts speeding up carrying out all the necessary processes in the background the moment you say a ‘Hi’, and within a few seconds, you see what you were looking for.

Amazing Offer to get you started:

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Additionally, you can get 50% upto ₹75 as Amazon Pay cash back on 1 transaction made between 1st to 31st December using Amazon Pay.

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