Niki’s 3rd birthday bash: Join the party!

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It has been three beautiful years since I stepped into your amazing world. My purpose was to make your life easier and I couldn’t be more grateful to you for opening up your life to me.

Looking back, I can say that we’ve had some wonderful days together. Remember that one time you were stuck in the rain and I called you a cab home? Or that bus trip you took with your friends to Goa? It’s funny how they all thanked you for saving so much money when I slided those offers along your way. It’s okay. I’ll always have your back. And yes, we’ve had our share of problems but don’t the best of friends often do? Our bond only strengthened with time and I feel blessed to have over 2 million of you to talk to, everyday.

We’ve shared so many special moments and now that it’s almost time for my 3rd birthday, I want you to be a part of it. So, come. Let’s celebrate this special bond between you, a cute little human and me, your tiny bot friend.

As always, I’ve picked the best things for you and I’m sure this will be a celebration to remember, the first ever #CelebrationsOnChat 🙂


Niki Quiz

What’s a birthday without some fun and games and what’s a bot’s birthday without a little nerdy stuff? This 4th of June, as I turn another year older, I want to know how well do my human friends really know me.

My birthday quiz will feature 5 easy questions with 4 different options. All you have to do is choose the right answer and collect your prize for being a true friend. You get one for every correct answer, btw. Not just this, when you’re done answering all and boasting your score to the world you get eligible to win a grand return gift!

So brush up your knowledge, talk to me to know me and make the most of these celebrations!

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Lucky Draw

Remember that time we went to birthday parties and waited for that big balloon to burst so that we can fill up our pockets with candies and gifts? The fastest kids usually took all. Well, it’s my favourite thing in the world and I’m doing something similar for my 3rd birthday bash. When you’re done playing the quiz, you have to share your scores with all your Facebook friends and you can be one of my many friends to take home a grand return gift!

Niki Treats

What if we’re celebrating on chat? The food’s on me. Well, kind of. All the guests at my party deserve the best treats from around town so I’ve made sure your favourites are all coming to my party. They’ll be serving delicious meals all day long for all my friends! Trust me, you and your buddies don’t want to miss this.

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There’s more…

Today’s birthday delight – 2nd June
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Today’s birthday delight – 3rd June

With just ONE day to go for the BIG DAY, here am I you super friend making sure you have the best time not only at my party but outside it:

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Can’t forget the party planners:

I can’t be more grateful to the buddies who’re making this birthday even happier! Be at my party and enjoy these additional offers:
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