Always wanted to travel solo? Here’s how to do it like a boss!

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Niki user scripts down a serendipitous travelogue taking us through a beautiful journey to Coorg that she decided to take by herself when her friends canceled. Give it a read:

When you have a job that makes you travel and you love traveling yourself, chances of you not traveling frequently are quite less. It was quite some time since I last packed my bags and headed to a place unknown. It was just one Wednesday afternoon in the office when I took a heads-up from 3 people for a trip to Coorg. All-set reserved the hostel, made the payment and all I could dream was lush green landscape, coffee plantation and a weather to adore.

It was exactly 6 days, remaining for us to begin our journey and 1 person backed out and until a day, before the stubborn me said, Fine, I will head for a solo. The task undertaken invited comments from all, known and unknown and all this scared it me at one point, but that ‘take-that-as-a-challenge’ attitude helped me in stepping a foot forward and obviously yes, being stubborn in situations like these helps. 😀

Coorg, also known as the Scotland of India is just 240 Kms from Bangalore. I opted for a bus journey to reach Madikeri, and from there took an auto for my hostel. That was again one interesting experience, the bus reached Madikeri bus stop by 4:30 AM and the hostel was some 25 km from that place, the auto journey alone, through the dark and misty woods was one thrilling experience of my trip.

The best part about an early morning check-in was the opportunity to witness the sunrise, the fog didn’t let us have a clear look but the breeze stepped in and compensated for all.

Day 01: I got a bunk bed for myself and after a sound sleep woke up to the noise in the room, I saw 4 people who weren’t there when I came in, that’s the best thing about opting for hostels, those people turned out to be the trip-mates.

A hungry stomach took me to the kitchen and even though the breakfast was over, the kitchen staff was sweet enough to cook an omelet with a bread toast. Soon, I opened up a bit to the new trip mates and we started the day by renting out a bike and heading to Nisargadhama followed by Dubbare Elephant Camp.


Nisargdhama – One can opt for boating and deer gazing. If you happen to reach around 5-5:30, you can also please the photographer in you by capturing the sunset.

This summed up day 1 and this was followed up by rounds and round of Uno. Uno became a  ritual, especially during the nights. The hostel, people around a starry night all were rightly placed as if assigned to amuse.

Day 02 was about a long ride to a waterfall, Irupu waterfalls. Most of the rainfalls were dry as if they are waiting for rainfall season. I could hear them screaming for it easily. Bike ride to this place was indeed the most amazing part.

Day 03 was the day of bidding bye to the group and making new friends and finding new people to move around. I headed to the famous monastery, Namdroling Monastery, also known as Golden Temple/Bylakuppe/Tibetan Settlements.

Day 04: On my last day in Coorg, I decided to head to Kushal Nagar first and then to the monastery since I wanted to revisit the serenity that place offered. One can also shop spices, homemade chocolates, and wine and there were a bunch of small and big shops to help. 

Little did I know that the day had different things for me in store. I boarded an auto for the monastery, the driver of which was a localite and asked me, how was I feeling in Coorg and what all places did I visit. Our discussion made him suggest me ‘Mallali Waterfalls’ which were almost 30kms from the place I was at and 60 km from my residence. He persuaded me giving me arguments such as  scenic view, the common point for Bollywood movie shootings, Priyanka Chopra came here for her movie 7 Khoon Maaf and alike. Owing to my experience of visiting Irupu falls, I couldn’t make a decision and we made a bet that if there’s no water, I won’t pay him as per the meter and will only pay Rs 700. Otherwise, I will abide by the meter price. Sounded like a good deal to me!

The auto drive was thrilling, heading anywhere in Coorg, the best thing was the journey, lush green landscape, cool breeze and a cloudy sky to stare at. It all added to make the perfect storyboard. As per my bet with the auto driver, there wasn’t much water and I ended up paying only Rs 700 for a ride worth Rs 1400.

At Mallali falls, the trek down consisted of 730+ steps and the same had to be trekked up. It was indeed an experience worth having. Initially, I didn’t think I would be able to cover it up but that was a self-discovery moment for me. A chance to dip your legs in the water was the only thing I was looking forward to. After that exhaustive trek up, I managed to return to the hostel via a local bus.

The last few hours went in the hostel, meeting and sharing stories and a moment with myself, I just wanted to take a pause and relish the moments I lived there. It was all beautiful. I couldn’t believe that I would ahve missed it all and not come just because my friends got caught up.

I was glad I made the decision to travel solo and spend the much needed quality time with myself. So, don’t be disappointed the next time your friends cancel on you, take it in your stride and embrace the opportunity to go on an adventure with yourself. Who knows what all you might discover, as you embark on the journey to the great outdoors?

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