Emojis: The emotional connect between chatbots & humans

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Being humans, we develop emotions and react accordingly to almost everything that affects us.  Emojis are one of the greatest inventions that help us vent out our feelings in a minimalist way, serving their purpose. Over-time emojis have gained popularity over social media and have been at-par with the internet, evolving from colons & semi colons 🙂  to real-life depicting characters. 🕵️‍♀️

To understand the psyche of users who use emojis while talking to an artificial-intelligence powered chatbot, we at Niki.ai analyzed about a half-a-million user utterances.

The Study:

Niki has interacted with many users in the last 3 years and has collected data and insights about users who talk to her. On studying the conversations that Niki had with its users, it was found that roughly 20% of the user chat utterances had at-least one Emoji in it, reason- enough for Niki to learn about their meaning, for better user experience.

We dug deeper to see what kind of emojis were being used by the users and the reason behind these cases. Here’s what we found:

Overall sentiment across all 20% of the user-chat utterances was that, at least one emoticon existed turned to be positive.

Now, what was important to understand were the pre-utterances that pushed people to have positive or negative reactions and what made them use these two kinds of emojis.

Interestingly, the majority of the positive emotions were a user’s reaction to Niki’s innocent response about something that she is not aware of. On a different note, negative emotions were reflected in conversations where Niki failed to understand what the user said and kept asking for the same information repeatedly.

It was also found during this study that approximately 11% of the times, users were inclined to use more than one emoticon to express their emotions, tagging them under the category of what we call the ‘expressive users’. Furthermore, the top mix of emojis that people used in conversations with Niki were either ‘positive’ or ‘neutral’ Emojis.

These results are compelling that Niki needs to understand not just the user’s textual conversation but also the meaning of the emoji that constitutes these chats. This not only helps Niki to become smarter in terms of her responses to users but also helps her form an emotional connect with the user in every conversation. Since friends tend to pick up all your nitty gritties, Niki aims to be a bot that users can count on, for understanding other than only doing chores. So, if you want to get things done and be all expressive about it, go ahead – Niki will always follow your lead 🙋‍♀️