Friendship Day 2018: Best friends we love from Bollywood!

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Friendship Day was just around the corner and over time, as friendship moved from hand-written letters to DMs, the celebrations of this day have also come a long way.

The days of friendship bands and handmade greeting cards have been outlived by stories on Instagram and Facebook. As Kavya Singh, Student, JNU, apptly writes on Facebook, “Somewhere between ‘Uncle sabse mehenga aur acha wala friendship band dedo’ to wishing friendship day through stories, we all grew up!” reminding us how deeply, a sense of nostalgia is attached to Friendships day.

A dose of friendship goals stirred with nostalgia, thus seemed like the right mix for the occasion. Check out four best friends from Bollywood, that we all grew up, loving!

Shabbo, Veer Zara

Not only Divya Dutt is an amazing actor who always plays her roles with utmost conviction, her roles are so memorable that even today we can’t stop adoring her role as Zara’s best friend in the movie, Veer-Zara. There are too many instances in the movie where she proves that she’s a friend in a million – Covering for Zara when she sneaks away to India, calling her BFF’s love of life right on time when she’s about to be married off to the wrong guy and selflessly dedicating her own life to Zara to be beside her, all those years in India! Uff. While Veer & Zara’s love lived through the test of time, Shabbo proved that just being by your best friend through tough times, is what real friendship is about. Brb, crying.

Pappu Master, Om Shanti Om

Nobody is pure enough to deserve a Pappu Master in their life. Played to perfection by Shreyas Talpade, Pappu was like the alpha of male best-friends! The friendship between Om Prakash (Omi) and Pappu and then Om Kapoor and Pappu, literally transcending life-times, is a tale to remember. From cheering Omi during his struggling days with “waah kya tiger hai” to being there for his ill mother when Omi dies, he took us on an emotional roller-coaster, all by himself. Omi and Pappu’s dreams of stardom, his undeniable belief in Omi and the efforts he put in their friendship, every single day are hard to match up. Add to that, the dreamy date that Pappu manages to pull off flawlessly for Om and his love of life, Shanti and you’ve seen friendship at its magical best.

Aditi, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Aditi from YJHD has our heart for being the most understanding, no-drama, low-maintenance, bestie! Don’t we all desire a friendship like Aditi and Naina, Aditi and Bunny and even Aditi and Avi’s, for that matter? No matter what her friends were up to, she was the first one to support it. Like the time when Bunny went away, she didn’t create a fuss about it and caught up right back when he made it to her wedding. She didn’t make Avi a part of her problem when he did not reciprocate her feelings, she understood. She took her own time and moved on, you know? In the entire movie, it was Aditi who brought everyone else together, tirelessly. Not only was she the rebel, the tomboy, the cool kid we all wanted to be around but she also proved to be the girl-pal of Naina’s (and our) dreams because of how she helped Naina to come out of her cocoon and be the butterfly she always was! We all really need one Aditi in our lives, don’t you think?

Tuffy, Hum Aapke Hain Kon

Believe it or not, the best was saved for last! We can’t talk about friendships and Bollywood unless we mention Tuffy, the good boi, Indian Spitz from Hum Aapke Hain Kon. I know the movie is a bit old now and there could be some out there, thinking there’s a generation gap here but let’s give Tuffy a chance, okay? Tuffy wasn’t just another dog used in a Bollywood movie for the cutesies, he actually had a major influence in the movie as the best-friend anyone could ever want! Our little Tuffy was a family dog so he was way different from a doggo-loner relationship that is usually shown in movies. Tuffy played umpire during family cricket matches, snatched away the groom’s shoes at the wedding and was also the one who “changed the climax! If it wasn’t for him, Madhuri Dixit would have married Mohnish Behl and Salman Khan would have been left alone.” Also, according to Petsutra, Tuffy went on to live with Madhuri Dixit well after the movie, ‘cause that’s what best friends do, right? They stick around.

If you have a Shabbo, an Aditi, a Pappu Master or a Tuffy in your life, consider yourself lucky, friend. It’s getting harder to find people who live up to the true meaning of friendship, these days. So, if you’re looking for a friend who’ll always have your back, well, meet Niki. That’s all from the world of movies, this week on Niki Recommends. Stay tuned for more!

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