Niki’s Travel Hacks: 5 simple ways to help you travel light

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The curious human soul has always craved to see the lands and oceans far away and to meet the people that inhabit these lands. As these lands have become cities, towns or remained lowly populated, the human soul has only gone fonder of seeing newer places. It’s been called Wanderlust; defined as a strong desire to travel. And today, everyone, of all ages seem to be doing the bitten by the travel bug.

As the urge to travel increases, us millennials are known to take spontaneous trips under budget, thanks to technology like Niki. With budget trips, comes no-frills flights and hotel check-ins hence making us understand the art of travelling light. Travelling light makes your travel easy, without the hassle of having to carry heavy luggage, makes you limit yourself into your baggage limit, provides maximum freedom and yet, doesn’t compromise on your needs.

Niki brings to you, the best tips and tricks to travel light so that you can enjoy your vacation without being burdened by your luggage.

  • Make a list
    We cannot emphasis enough how important it is to make a list. Simply pen down things you’ll absolutely need before you start packing and this will give you an overview of what all is essential to pack. The list should have everything from your basis toiletries to your footwear. But be cognizant of the fact, that it’s important to be exact. In your list, mention exactly how many pairs of footwear do you need. Ask yourself, do you actually need 2 perfumes for a 1 week long vacation?
  • Choose the right bag or suitcase
    Mostly, our biggest mistake turns out to be choosing the wrong bags. It is essential to buy light weight bags and evaluate before every vacation what size will you actually need. Always remember, the bigger the bag the more space you will fill. And as a bonus tip, always wear your heavy items. For instance, wear jeans while travelling so you have to carry one pair less (they are usually heavy). Similarly for heavy footwear.
  • Take a call on those gadgets
    Today, our packing lists are full of fancy cameras, laptops, chargers, power banks, kindles and what not. Sadly, gadgets take up a lot of space and some of them are heavy too. Before packing every gadget, it is important to evaluate if you’ll actually need it on the trip. For instance, if you’re going on a fun holiday, leave your laptop home. And let’s face it, for everything else including taking care of your cab booking, bus or hotel booking and even for finding local deals around you, all you need is Niki.
  • Minimize your toiletries
    Toiletries; or bottles of perfumes, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners etc. tend to be heavier in nature. If you’re staying in a hotel, it is almost safe to skip packing shampoos and conditioners since chances are the hotel will provide it. For things and cosmetics that you may absolutely need, use travel-sized bottles. The size makes it appropriate for you to carry your stuff without immediately weighing out your bag.
  • Wash
    Especially relevant for that long trip or a month of backpacking, remember every hotel, or every villa or every budget hostel/guest house will have the facilities for washing your own clothes or laundry. This way, when you know you are travelling for a month, you don’t necessary need to pack for a month. You should pack for 15 days at max and eventually work to repeat clothing, washing them as and when needed. What are you waiting for? Just ask Niki to book your hotel now & save up to ₹3000! Click here to book.

All set? Now set those vacation plans into motion and simply talk to Niki to take care of all bookings for maximum savings. Remember, its as simple as talking to a friend 🙂