Bill Pe Bachat Elite Membership

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How to become a BPB Elite Member?

  • Simply buy the Niki BPB Elite Pass available on Niki platform under “gift card” section.
  • Go to Niki App and type “Gift Card”, click on Join Now.
  • Make the payment and become the elite member.
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers.

Benefits of Becoming an Elite User



We want you to take full advantage of your money. Therefore, we are giving you cashback every month as Niki Credits. Simply buy BPB Elite Pass at just Rs.99 and get a full refund of Rs.99 as Cashback.

How it works?

The user will be required to pay Rs.99 while buying elite Pass.

The same amount will be refunded to the user as Cashback of Rs.49 within first 3 working days of the upcoming month.

The remaining Rs.50 will be added into the account in the next month (2nd month after the purchase).

For Example, If Ramesh becomes an Elite Member in January, he will receive Rs.49 cashback in first 3 days of February. The remaining amount will be refunded in the first 3 days of March. (i.e., remaining Rs50).


  • Get 2 Bill Pe Bachat unique voucher month on month (one per month) & avail 6% upto Rs.200 instant off on bill payments or prepaid recharge (redeemable in the Hindi Language).
  • Get an exclusive VIP Pass & avail Upto 5.5% instant discount on selective gift cards.
  • Get an exclusive early Gift Card Voucher & avail extra 10% upto Rs.30 on a wide range of gift cards.

Note: Users can redeem these codes only in the subscription period i.e., once the user buy the pass, his/her membership will start in the upcoming month and he can avail these codes in the same duration.

Users will receive their cashback as well as vouchers in the 1st week of the subscription month. Also, the cashback and vouchers for the 2nd month will be sent to users in the 1st week of their 2nd month.

  • Cancellation Policy:
  1. Membership can not be cancelled at any given point of time.
  2. The membership fees will be credited back to your wallet.
  3. Your membership will be auto-cancelled after the time period of the membership is over.