Niki – Rate Card – Jaipur

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The Company aims to ensure that the prices of all products offered for sale are true and correct. However, from time to time, the prices of certain products may not be current or may be inaccurate on account of technical issues, typographical errors or incorrect product information provided to the Company by third-party sellers. In each such case, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order without any further liability.

Subject to the foregoing, the price mentioned at the time of ordering a product shall be the price charged at the time of delivery, provided that no product offered for sale on Niki will be sold at a price higher than its MRP (Maximum Retail Price).

The given pricing is applicable only today i.e., 07th April 2020.

Services Overview:

Niki is a platform for domestic consumers to transact with third-party sellers, who have been granted access to Niki to display and offer products for sale through Niki. For abundant clarity, the Company does not provide any services to users other than providing Niki as a platform to transact at their own cost and risk, and other services as may be specifically be notified in writing.

The Company is not and cannot be a party to any transaction between you and the third-party sellers, or have any control, involvement or influence over the products purchased by you from such third party sellers or the prices of such products charged by such third-party sellers. The Company, therefore, disclaims all warranties and liabilities associated with any products offered on Niki.

Services on Niki are available to only select geographies in India and are subject to restrictions based on business hours and days of third party sellers.